Lemon Pickle Relish

An online friend (Jil McIntosh) posted this elsewhere and I’m putting it here to try later.

I just made a batch of lemon relish, having used the last of it. I
love this stuff. Most commonly I boil little potatoes and then roll
them in some of it.

You have to make the pickled lemons first but that's easy.

Take lemons - however many - and cut them into quarters. Put them
into a clean jar and as you do, cover each layer with kosher or
pickling salt. When the jar is full, add enough lemon juice - I cheat
and use bottled - to cover the whole thing. Let them rest (I put them
in the refrigerator) for about a month.

They'll last indefinitely. To use them, scrape the pulp out and
discard it and then rinse the rind. It's a Moroccan specialty and
very popular in stews, especially with chicken.

To make the relish:

1/2 salt lemon (2 quarters), pulp removed and rind rinsed
1/2 cup chives
2 tbsp. lemon juice
1 tbsp. smoked paprika
3 tbsp. olive oil

Put everything in a blender and whirl it around. Store it in the
fridge or, for long-term, freeze it.

When I put it on potatoes, if it's too thick, I thin it with a little
cooking water and then roll the potatoes in it.

Moroccan potato salad

Boiled potatoes (I diced @ 2.5 lb, very small or just mash them)

Little bit of minced or grated onion (1/4 of a small one)

fresh parsley (lots, I used the whole bunch)

lemon juice or vinegar (I used the juice of one large lemon, @2 Tbsp.)

oil (Olive, 1/4 cup maybe?)

salt. (just a pinch)

Casbah put a little mayo in it, so sometimes I use about 2 Tbsp.  Not always.

Garlic, hot pepper, black pepper, harissa, red pepper and grated tomatoes are options.