Pegu Club Cocktail

From my friend, Patti

4 oz. fresh lime juice
4 oz. Orange Curacao
6 oz. Gin
1 TBS orange bitters
About 12 oz. of Tonic

Makes a pitcher and it is divine.

This is where it started.


I finally figured it out. 

One lime makes 2. 

Cut it into 1/16s. Put half in an iced tea glass. 

Fill the glass with fresh mint leaves. (Ours is Sweet mint.) Mash it all up with a pestle. Mash it a LOT because the oils in the lime skin are important. This will squash down to fill a quarter of the glass. 

Fill the glass with crushed ice. 

Add equal parts rum, 1:1 sugar syrup and tonic water. 

Give it a stir and enjoy the evening.