I think the title and descriptor of this thing pretty much let you know what it’s about.

My name is Katherine, but I’m usually called Kitty, and sometimes I like cooking.  And occasionally my son, or one of my friends, want a recipe.  Also, I find this easier than keeping up with the recipe box filled with index cards that were the thing when I was growing up.

As a point of reference, I was born in July of 1960.

I married this husband on April 1, 2010.  I never met his mother, but I think we would have been friends.  Her name was Mary Jo.

If you have a question about something I have written, please feel free to ask.  I don’t have recipes I think are difficult.  If it looks like it is, the problem is my transcription of the recipe and I’ll try to fix it.

I am pescetarian. I don’t eat things that nurture their young. (Nurturing has nothing to do with the choice but is an easy delineation.) Basically, this means I do eat seafood, eggs and cheese.

This doesn’t mean I have never cooked meat or that I have no recollection of good recipes from the time I did eat it. So, there may be some meat in the recipes here. In a recipe that calls for meat, you can assume that if I was cooking it today, I’d use an appropriate substitute.

I have put the ingredients in blue to make shopping easier (even if you only have to shop in your cupboard).


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