Marlise’s Pumpkin Soup

I´m not strictly following a recipe, so my soups will turn out a little differently each time, but yesterday this is what I did:

– cut up and peel some small onions

– wash and cut up a medium sized hokkaido pumpkin (good thing, no need to peel the damn monster), remove yucky inner stuff and seeds.

– cut up and peel a piece of ginger root

– fry the onions in a good dose of coconut oil

– add pumpkin cubes and ginger, sautée for a moment

– add veggie broth, enough to cover the cubes and then some

– add spices to taste: salt, pepper, a little chili or chili oil, lots of garam masala, cumin, turmeric.

– cook until pumpkin cubes are soft, add half a pack of coconut paste (not the sweetened and liquid as water coconut “milk”!), mash the whole bit, either leaving some chunky bits left, or entirely for a very creamy soup experience.

– Serve with a swirl of pumpkin seed oil – very pretty, the rich dark green oil on the orange soup! 🙂

Addes bonus: entirely vegetarian, so can be served when vegetarian friends come to dinner. I never dare to say anything I cooked is vegan, though, as I´m never sure what passes for vegan anyway.

Sometimes I also use onion seeds (fry with the onions for best aromatic results), garlic, fresh chili (only a little, it easily kills the pumpkin flavor), or serve with smoked salmon or trout or crabs. Coconut paste may or may not be used (depending on what I have at hand…).


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