Chuck’s fabulous kale salad recipe

Chop raw kale into itty-bitty bites (like you would shred cabbage for coleslaw)  ; add toasted walnuts and diced avocado; toss with good balsamic vinegar.  (Don’t use cheap vinegar, come off the money, it makes a difference.  The sweetness of real balsamic totally balances the bitterness of the raw kale)  OMG!!!  It is so umami-full. And holy-shit, it’s good for you.

Edit from Chuck 2:1 olive oil + balsamic.  I didn’t realize there was oil.


3 thoughts on “Chuck’s fabulous kale salad recipe

  1. Bad olive oil is a waste, but you should know that there is actually like… A muti-billion dollar industry by the Italian mob faking olive oil. How ridiculous is that? Most of the stuff here in America isn't actually real.

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