Sauce from fresh tomatoes

Our romas are coming in and I have never put up tomatoes, nor have I ever made sauce from fresh, only from canned. So, tonight was a wild experiment that worked.

Chuck brought a food processor to this kitchen when he moved in here, not a tool I have ever been comfortable with. But, he suggested getting the tomatoes started with it and I did, in spite of my reservations.

I chopped somewhere between 3-4 cups of tomatoes. Dumped them in my favorite sauce pot at medium and a half. When they started to bubble, I turned the heat down to a hair above medium.

I gave a little stir, periodically, to keep it from sticking. It didn’t seem to want to stick, but I didn’t trust it.

When I had lost about an inch and a quarter of water, I added I added a heaping cream soup spoon (probably 2 Tbsp) of chopped garlic. (Yes, I am so lazy that I buy it in a jar.)

I cooked down another half inch and started the pasta.

When the pasta was 2 minutes from done, I added @ ¼ c. of olive oil.  I lost another ¼” or so of water as the pasta cooked. It was the consistency I expect from canned/stewed tomatoes when the pasta was ready.

I poured the water off the pasta and tossed a BIG handful of slivered basil (also from our garden) into the tomatoes.  I didn’t bother with any of the dried herbs I had available because I figured the basil with overpower them.  Tossed it all together and served it with grated Parmesan.

This took about 45 minutes.


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