Crab quiche!!

Again, I cheated on the crust.  I used one I bought at my co-op because I still haven’t broken down and learned to make a good one.

1 cup picked crab meat picked up on the way back from the Outer Banks.
@ 2 cups grated Jarlsberg cheese
3 free range eggs beaten into 1.5 cups milk and poured over the crab and cheese.
Light dusting of ground cayenne.

I’m starting to smell it so it’s nearly done.
What I have found is that you put however much stuff you like in the crust, around 2-3 cups of tastiness in small bits. Cover with a cup or 2 of cheese and then put as much eggs and milk mixture as it takes to cover most of the good stuff, 1 egg to every half cup of milk.  3:1.5 for a regular pie crust, 4:2 for deep dish usually does the trick.

Bake it until the crust smells delicious and the top doesn’t look liquid when you shake it.  Let it sit a bit to cool and finish setting the eggs after you take it out of the oven.

Also, if you are cooking with crab and all you can get is pasteurized, give it a good rinse, first.  This makes a big difference.


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