Fruit Pie

I did not make the crust.  That came from my co-op.

I had maybe half a cup(?) of sour cherries from my tree, one long stalk of rhubarb and 5 mostly ripe peaches.

This came to probably 2 cups of firm fruit.

I pitted the cherries and left them in halves, cut the rhubarb into a “small dice” and the peach pieces were bite sized. Tossed all the fruit with enough sugar to coat it all without any left in the bottom of the bowl. (maybe1 cup?  maybe less.) I dumped it in the crust and baked it at @ 350°F for @ 1 hour.

Let it cool completely for it to firm up.


Addendum 6/16.  Chuck found a variation on the theme.    Plum Rhubarb Crisp


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