Pasta Primavera

I use rotini pasta, an 8 oz box. Start it cooking while you put the sauce together.

Add in order to a large frying pan on medium heat:

@1/4 c. canola oil
1/8 c olive oil
big spoonful of chopped garlic (I keep a ginormous jar of it in the fridge)
8 oz sliced/diced mushrooms
1 cup-ish chopped broccoli
1 cup-ish green peas
a shredded carrot (a handful if you get the pre-grated from the grocery)
5-6 leaves chopped basil (other herbs get overpowered so it’s a waste to include them)
1/3-ish tsp ground cayenne
1-2 diced tomatoes (a double handful)

Dump it all over drained pasta and add @ 1/2 c grated parmesan

Serves 2 hungry adults.

Cupcake chardonnay is the correct drink with this.


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