Liane’s Authentic Key Lime Pie

“Mix one can sweetened condensed milk and 5 egg yolks (or 2-3 whole eggs depending on size)

“Slowly add 2/3 cup key lime juice while stirring constantly. Pour it into a graham or normal pre-baked pie shell. Top with meringue if you like (I don’t).

“My father, his parents, cousins, grandparents. All natives of Key West. So don’t tell me there’s another way. Because I will laugh.”

Key limes are small and seedy. They don’t show up at stores around here very often. Once in a great while, they are available at my co-op. The limes that go in gin & tonic or iced tea are Persian limes. They can work, but the juice doesn’t have quite as much limey punch and are a slightly different flavor.

Whether or not to use whole eggs or just the yolks is for practical purposes. If you want a meringue, use the whites for meringue and yolks for the pie. If you don’t care about meringue, skip separating the eggs.


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