S/He Crab Soup

Cook ½ c. white rice in 1 quart whole milk for 30 minutes or until soft. Use a stick blender to puree.

Add 1 pint Half and Half, 1 c. sherry, 1/3 tsp shrimp boil, s/p to taste, lb. crab. Simmer 30 minutes.

If you have crab roe, add it. Then, you have real She Crab Soup.

(If you use pasteurized crab, give it a good rinse in a strainer before putting it in the soup.)

Garnish with a little drizzle of extra sherry before serving, if you’re so inclined. Alternatively, have a cruet of sherry on the table.


Alternatively, all whole milk works fine and isn’t as thick but IS  still tasty.


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